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Auckland-based Johan Meyer strengthens TwentyTwo’s Workplace Technology team

09 June 2022, by Matthew Peko-Fox

Johan Meyer is the latest addition to our Workplace Technology team, joining Wellington-based Practice Lead Matthew Peko-Fox and Senior Adviser Andrew Craig.

As our Senior Workplace Technology Adviser in Auckland, Johan joins the TwentyTwo Tribe having first moved from his homeland South Africa to New Zealand in 2008. “Me and my mountain bike came over and really liked it” says Johan. “I looked for a job, found a job”. Since then, Johan has worked with a number of clients in NZ including ACC, Fire and Emergency NZ, SCION and EECA designing, maintaining and delivering UC solutions.

Now, with 13+ years’ experience in the technology sector under his belt, accompanied by a great interest in future-forward technology, Johan’s beliefs are strongly aligned with TwentyTwo’s approach to workplace technology as being customer centric, plus an understanding that the key to consulting success is focused on building solid relationships with clients, understanding their challenges and helping discover how integrated technology solutions can support these.

The value we add...

“Understanding what clients want to achieve in their business is critical. That is the value we add. We simplify the technology, attach that to what they want and make it work seamlessly. Technology works when its presence is unknown” says Johan.

“Johan brings a wide range of experience to TwentyTwo in areas of unified communications, virtual meeting experience and everything in between” says Managing Director Dean Croucher. “We’re delighted to welcome him to our Tribe!”


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