Better Property Decisions.
Helps Businesses "Go Faster".
Better Economic Growth.
Better Place to Live. Work. Play

We’re in business to change the way New Zealand organisations make property decisions. Smart organisations know that property (premises, workplace, assets) can help their business be more competitive, productive, innovative, profitable, agile and resilient.

A Better Way to a Better Place

We're on a mission to convince NZ businesses there is a better way.

Let's face it. Traditional real estate brokering and property advice is not independent, strategic or business led.

It's focused on property and the deal. Not on how property best supports business goals and business transformation.

In a digitally enabled and fast-paced environment - property plays a vital role in enabling change, expressing brand and values, supporting effectiveness and productivity and engaging the hearts and minds of your people.

As New Zealand's leading independent and occupier-centric property advisory business - we have been pioneering the thinking "on how property can best support business" since 1990

We have dozens of stories to tell you how we can add better value.

What Makes us Better?

Better Innovation

We use applied creativity to challenge, probe and explore what's possible - using diverse intelligence and diverse skills. This helps get better innovative and enduring solutions.

Better Insight

We understand business and organisations first and foremost. We explore what is driving change and how property, your workplace and strategic assets can help support this change. We then apply our strategic insights to help clients make better property decisions.

We also dive deep to stay ahead of markets and trends, to ensure we have both a wide perspective and intimate knowledge.

Better Independence

We provide independent independence. We're on your side. No back story. No hidden agenda. No conflicts. Occupier-centric. NZ owned and operated.

Better Ideals

We're different. We're driven by our values - being clear, having courage, being inquisitive and making what we do personal.

We strive to be "really helpful", "straight-up", "smart and aware". And we really care about you and the outcome